The Dalslands Sparbank Literature Prize is established annually to recognize a literary artistry or a literary work related to Dalsland. Prize winners can be authors, translators, publishers or illustrators, for example.

Behind the award is Dalslands Litteraturförening and Dalslands Sparbank. The prize was first awarded in 2001. The prize cannot be applied for, but everyone may propose prize winners to the jury.

Price: SEK⁠ 10,000.
Nomination period: We need proposals for suitable candidates by 30 March 2023.
Nominations for the 2023 prize will be sent by email to: jurgen (a)bokdageidalsland.se.
Award ceremony  in Kulturmagasinet/Gamla kyrkan in Åmål, during the Bokdagar in Dalsland summers festival.The jury for the 2023 prize consists of: Lena GrönlundJürgen Picha, and Annelie Särud.

You can read about our award winners here!